In 1904 the railway line from Paarl to Franschhoek was opened. A simple corrugated iron structure served as the Station building. The opening of the Station had a huge positive impact on the local farming community which until then could only get their produce to the market by ox wagon or horse drawn carts. The farmers were also able to order loads of manure which they used to plough into their orchards after collecting it from the Station with ox wagons.

In 1911 the first post arrived by rail, connecting Franschhoek with family and friends around the world.

The Station building as it stands today was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and was built in 1915. It is a protected building and no changes have been made to her elevations.

For over thirty years there were two trains scheduled daily, but slowly as road transport became more popular, the passenger trains were discontinued. In 1976 the last steam engine puffed it’s good byes and was replaced with a diesel engine. A few promotional steam trains did however visit, until the rails was finally discontinued toward the end of the last millennium.

In November 2009 the much loved Station building was restored and The Franschhoek Station Pub & Grill was opened. In 2013 new owners Andre and Sandi Niemand changed the name to The Franschhoek Station Pub and Craft Bar.

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